Raking Light

Raking Light is a meditation on the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which seeks to find beauty within the simplicity, austerity, and asperity of a given form or space. Depicted within are shoji screens that frame window views onto a raked garden. These raked lines suggest the life cycle of a body of water as it begins as a waterfall, travels by river, and ultimately flows to the ocean. As the structure unfolds, window views enlarge to echo the river’s growth and to emphasize an implied architecture that shifts between interior and exterior, shadow and light. Though it is not bound by a specific time or place, Raking Light draws inspiration from walking the raked gardens of Kyoto’s Daisen-in.

Letterpress printed from reduction linoleum and handset Bembo on handmade kozo with walnut dyed covers created by the artist.

Edition of 20
3.5 x 5 x .25 inches (54 fully extended)