Notable Selections from the History of Plants

Abecedarian Latinarum is an alphabet book that interprets 26 selected plant species from Leonhart Fuchs’ De Historia Stirpium comentarii insignes (or Notable Commentaries on the History of Plants). Published in 1542, Fuchs’ famed herbal set new standards for botanical illustrations drawn from scientific observation rather than folk tradition. Printed in exquisite detail, Fuchs’ herbal was used in the field of medicine and made it possible to correctly identify plants in nature.

Abecedarian Latinarum pays homage to Fuchs work by interpreting 26 key plant species from over 497 represented plants. Distilled to their silhouettes to highlight the beauty inherent in each plant form, each image was cut by hand through careful observation and bound in accordion form to be viewed in alphabetical succession.
Accordion on handmade walnut dyed flax and abaca papers with hand-cut images created by the artist.


**Abecedarian Latinarum will be for sale at the Codex Book Fair in Richmond, CA, February 3-6, 2019**