The Historical Book Sewing Sampler is designed for bookbinders as a personal reference or for teaching universities and special collections with a focus in book conservation. 

The double bound set includes one book sewn entirely on supports (hemp cord, leather and taw, linen and cotton tapes, and Ramieband) and one book sewn without supports through a handmade flax paper wrapper. Each book highlights the historical sewing styles inherent to their structure and includes descriptions that correspond to each sewing station. The styles progress chronologically across the spine from the earliest forms of multi-section sewing to more modern adaptations and sewing variants.

Each option comes housed in a custom clamshell box covered in natural linen bookcloth.

Double (one supported and one unsupported): $750

Single (one in either style or one that combines both styles on one book): $500

*Contact me to purchase. All books are made to order and take approximately 6 weeks to fulfill.