Named for the Greek goddess of memory and mother to the Muses, Mnemosyne is an interactive artist’s book that uses sensory exploration to examine the fragile and often changeable nature of memory over time. Pages within the structure of the book recollect abstracted scenes from a childhood set in Southern California where ocean, desert, forest, and urban landscapes intermingle. Each of these landscapes, in turn, embody one of four natural elements - earth, air, fire, and water - as a means to explore the temporal connection between material and memory. Selective waxed folios create translucency between folded pages to blur the boundaries between landscapes, which through its irregular structure weaves an elaborate pattern of folds that mimics the tendency of memory to layer and blur with age and distance.

Letterpress printed from reduction linoleum on ink washed and waxed Kitakata paper.
Edition of 20

$275 (One copy remaining)